Hadabima Authority

W.M.K.K. Karunarathne

Message from the Executive Director

I am much pleased to send my best wishes to the new web page activated by the Hadabima Authority.

The disaster situation has created an imbalance environmental system due to the human activities and the countries all over the world including Sri Lanka are more concerned for environmental conservation, resources management and development of the earth. As such suitable action has to be taken to prevent the activities of those who work against the environment by empowering them with awareness and attitudes in this field in order to minimize the above situation.

Accordingly Hadabima Authority is performing its mission to improve the positive attitude in the maximum level by using the participation of the community in the environmental conservation activities by involving directly in the activities. Obtaining the maximum productivity by giving minimum benefits is one of the development strategies implemented by the Hadabima Authority.

The Authority who is trying to gain a prominent place in the conservation and development activities in the environmentally sensitive areas directly where the productivity is in a low level due to the loss of fertile soil caused by soil erosion and degradation and Authority in respect of it is supported by the technical and non technical staff with using their long term experience and strength.

Accordingly awareness,attitude, and technology should be involved in order to make a successful event. As such the modern creative technical communication methods should be followed by ignoring the outdated communication methods and accessories.

It is appreciated that action has been taken to activate the new web page of the Hadabima Authority to fulfill its necessities. I wish that the farm community, school children and those who are interested in the environmental conservation field too will get an opportunity to receive the necessary knowledge,information and new technology through this system.